Beauty Routine

My Everyday Beauty Routine 

Lotion: Palmer's Cocoa Butter daily body lotion is amazing. The rich and smooth texture allows the lotion to heel and soften rough and dry skin.  Apply on a daily basis after the shower or when you wash your face at night. 

Mascara: Keep it simple and easy on your days off with the Estee Lauder Sumptuous Infinite Mascara. It gives your lashes full volume while lengthening them at the same time. This is a beauty splurge for me, but I absolutely love it and would highly recommend trying it out.  

Lips: I always love a pop of color - especially in the summer. The Milani Brand has amazing lipstick colors and they are only $5 at CVS. Let me know what you favorite go-to color is. 

My simple beauty routine takes only minutes and is super easy! What products do you use from day-to-day basis you can't live without?

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Open Mic Night

Open Mic Night

Fashion is a must for Lucky Three. It doesn't matter if we are traveling across country, or going out on a night in the town, we will always try to look our best. My "motto" is to look nice wherever you are, because you never know who you will run into -- Better to be safe, than sorry -- Here is what we wore to our Open Mic Night. 

Chicago + L3

Chicago + L3

The second leg of our journey was the big windy city, Chicago, IL. See where we went and what we wore here!