Crayons + Parchment + Creativity

Lucky Three crew, we made custom T-Shirts! 

We decided one day to get up and do something why not make cool L3 tanks?! After scrolling through our Pinterest feed, we ended up at the cash register of AC&Moore (craft store) picking up crayonsparchment paper + an X-ACTO knife + and a pencil sharpener. Finding cool and creative activities gives us an outlet that usually turns into bigger and better things. 


Alyssa designed a stencil from our L3 logo and then we were ready to get to work. After the teeth cringing and the body shaking nervousness of the fear that the tanks would have a failure of an ending, the outcome of the was amazing! Our goal was to create tanks that would allow universal use. Although we are three sisters, we have three completely different personalities. Alyssa might wear this shirt with a pair of jean shorts, while Emily would sport this tank in the gym. Who says that you can't get an idea off social media and turn it into something of your own? There is no hurt in being creative, luckies. 

We would LOVE to make you a personal tank, so make sure to email us and we will make it special for you!