Fashion Friday

Sports Edition 

It's another Fashion Friday and today we are talking about my go-to sports outfit.  

Shirt: (GapFit) Gap has a sub division called GapFit. If you haven't checked it out click on the link above and browse their section. 


Shorts: (GapFit) Not only is the apparel great quality, but you can find cute items at a low cost...especially in the sale section. 


Sneakers: (ASICS)  These are a great brand of sneaker to buy. I recommend them to anyone looking for running, walking, or hiking sneakers. 


Accessories: (Lululemon Headband) This fashion forward headband allows you to look stylish while keeping away those little stray hairs. 


**Don't forget to bring a water bottle with you as you take to your new adventure. Its always important to keep hydrated especially if you are in a hot city like I am**