Fashion Friday - Essentials for a Road Trip


5 FASHION & 5 BEAUTY Road Trip Essentials with L3 

Planning a road trip across the country may seem easy, but there are certain items every person should carry while they travel. I have created a list of 5 Beauty & 5 Fashion items necessary for travel. When you plan your next trip, be sure to pack what you need. 



1. SNEAKERS are a crucial when it comes to traveling. You never know when you are going to be walking long distances or wanting a quick workout in your hotel. My last 2 pairs of sneakers have been from ASICS America which have great support and come in different styles to fit your unique foot and fashion taste. 

2. DARK DENIM is a must for me. Whether you are planing to go out somewhere fancy for dinner or take a casual stroll, dark denim is a go-to for me.

Day to Night- Denim paired with a nice black shirt/blouse (GAP) during the day can easily be transformed for a -night out in the town- by slipping on a pair of cute heels (JCrew) that are comfortable and chic. 

3. SUNGLASSES go everywhere with me. My favorite trend happening right now is the vintage round sunglasses. The one's I particularly adore are from RayBan and come in a multitude of colors.

4. BIRKENSTOCKS: I have recently purchased my very first pair of Birkenstocks! My sisters rave about them and I can now say that I would never go back to regular flip flops. The support they provide is absolutely wonderful and you can slip them on without worrying -achy, blistery- feet. Yes, they can run you a pretty penny, but it is money well spent. 

5. Carrying a SWEATER/CARDIGAN is an absolute must. I try to pack a slightly heavier one just in case the weather doesn't want to cooperate with your plans. You never know when you'll want to cover your shoulders for a bit more warmth- perfect for restaurants, stores, & car rides with just a little nip in the air. 



6. FACE WASH: This is the first thing I pack in my travel bag. I recently picked up a face wash from Origins called "Checks and Balances"I needed something that would clean my skin before I go to bed but that would not damage my pours.  

7. SUNSCREEN: I cannot stress enough the importance of wearing sunscreen - blah, blah, blah- but really, protect your skin. You should always carry it with you. My sister, Alyssa, carries Hawaiian Tropic Sunscreen. Make sure you pick up the right SPF and your skin will be protected from the gorgeous sun! 

8. MASCARA: I always have my mascara ready even if I'm not going to be using it. I don't always wear makeup, because it wears down your skin, but my favorite is Estee Lauder - "More than Mascara". 

9. WATER: You may be confused by this but I always try to carry a water bottle with me wherever I go. Making sure you are hydrated during the day can help flush out all of the toxins you are breathing in and will help keep your skin radiant and smooth. 

10. TOOTHBRUSH/TOOTHPASTE: Yes, this might seem weird to say, but I cannot go a day or night without brushing my teeth at least twice. I never know who I am going to see, so I'm always prepared with a beautiful white smile with fresh breath. If you have sensitive teeth or gums choose Sensodyne Toothpaste to further help protect your mouth. 


There you have it Luckies - 5 Fashion & 5 Beauty Essentials for a Road Trip.

Let me know where your next adventure begins.