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We have finally gotten to LA and I couldn’t be happier. I totally loved the trip, but the backseat of the car was getting a little old. I need to share with you this dinner we recently had, because I know you’re going to love it.   


Baked Chicken -- olive oil + salt n’ pepper

Salad -- Arugula + peppers + tomatoes + sugar snap peas + cucumbers + walnuts + cranberries + feta cheese (YUM)

Dressing -- olive oil + pepper + honey + apple cider vinegar

((All of these products were purchased at Trader Joes))


This meal is SO easy, healthy [especially thinking about that bikini bod :) ], and quick. I’m sure you’ll love it!

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Healthy Eating for any Travel Occasion

As summer traveling commences, it can be hard to find easy and on-the-go healthy snack options. It is also especially hard [at least for us] to say no to potato chips or candy bars as they stare at you down at the airport and gas station kiosks. So, to make the whole process a little less of a nightmare, L3 has put together some healthy travel ideas that we think you will love!

On-the-Go: ((Airport Edition))
When it comes to eating at an airport restaurant, you can almost always order some flavor of grilled chicken with vegetables, or a side salad. (Skip the creamy dressing, that’s ~bad news bears~)

On-the-Go: ((Car Edition))
The great thing about traveling in the car is packing a cooler full of fruits and veggies to munch on when you get hungry or stopping at great healthy places along the way! We also love a good Homemade Trail Mix full of almonds (unsalted), dark chocolate chunks (great for antioxidants), cashews (unsalted), and a variety of dried fruits (mango, pineapple, raisins, etc.) Last but not least, protein bars: Quest bars

Our Personal Favorites: ((For any Occasion))
Some of our favorites include: Greek yogurt: mango chunks, almonds, and chia seeds & a banana with PB (or almond butter).

What are some meals/snacks that you guys eat that are easy and healthy? Let us know!

Happy Eating,

Lucky Three.