Mental Health Day


It's funny. We live in a society that says what we look like can determine if you are popular in school, if you get hired for a job you just interviewed for, or the type of looks you get when you walk down the street. Is this good or bad? Well if you're like me, this can be the most terrifying thing in this big bad world. Constantly worrying about what you're eating, how you look in the mirror, and how you are going to be looked at if you show up to the beach in a two-piece. This may sound just like you, because it sounds exactly like me.

I admit. That sounds awful. We are always told, “we should embrace what we have, because we are beautiful.” Do I believe that? Yes….and then no. If we lived in a perfect world (which we don’t) everyone would embrace each other’s differences and we would go our jolly way. Nothing would matter other than what’s on the inside (you’re probably cringing right now because you have heard someone say this to you a million times), BUT, Instagram has taught us to strive for the greatest number of likes on a post in order to reach some ungodly popularity in the social media world - and also to gain societal acceptance to make ourselves feel better about our outer image. Now, am I guilty of what I just stated? OF COURSE. I will ponder over what filter I am going to use for a picture, what caption I am going to miraculously come up with, and what special (as in boys) people I can get to like my photo.

However, traveling the country and seeing several types of people, the saying “everyone is different” sounds cliché, but is 100% the truth. Everyone comes from different homes, families, and experiences, creating the person they are today. I know, “blah, blah, blah, we’ve heard this over and over again”. Just think about it for a second and hopefully it will sink in.

Earlier I said, “what special people I can get to like my photo” when I was referring to Instagram, but this is a whole other conversation, so I’ll save that one for next time. So, TBC (to be continued, I suppose).

You aren’t perfect, no one is, but YOU are GREAT.

I love ya,