Mental Health Day (Continued)


So, I last talked about my crazy insecurities in the world, and I thought I would dig a little bit deeper. Mentioning the idea about who we strive to like Instagram posts has opened up a whole can of worms. Whether you're a guy or girl, there is most likely a special someone whose username you consistently look for. It might be a “heart” on instagram, “favorite” on twitter, or a “like” on Facebook.  I have two words…

WHO CARES! I get it - this is much easier said than done. We are constantly searching for some sort of confidence booster.

I have written down some of my thoughts that I think some of you may be able to relate to.

1. He liked my instagram—“he either thinks I’m the most beautiful human in the world or thinks I have astonishing photography skills”

2. He viewed my snapchat story—“totally obsessed with my life”

3. He liked the link to my blog—“definitely wants to get married” (this might be a bit of a hyperbole, but you get the point)

So, we believe in this crazy concept and then are dumbfounded when we don’t get a text or call asking to get together. What I'm saying is...


These are the most inaccurate statements of a lifetime. Although this is exactly where my mind goes when it happens to me - (how do you think I came up with it?) - guys simply are not calculating their every move like we infer they do. They simply see something that they think is cool and react by giving it a like. You shouldn’t assume they like you now and you surely shouldn’t assume that you will receive a text anytime soon.

Although we all get that mini confidence booster by a simple notification, we should realize that the confidence should come from knowing we are great and worth more than a "like". 

Hey, I'm guilty as charged, so i'll work on it too.

I love ya,