Tasty Tuesday - Potbelly Sandwiches

Hey folks,

Today L3 began their journey across the country starting heading to Los Angeles, CA from Buffalo, NY. Our first destination -- Cleveland, OH.


Before we hit the road to our next destination point, we stopped at Potbelly Sandwiches for a quick and easy lunch. The option of choice was BBQ pulled pork on multigrain, with the side of an Oreo shake - delish! The sub was big enough for the three of us and the meal only $10! But, remember to keep in mind on road trips such as this, that moderation is key, watch your portion sizes and you'll be good to go.

Our lunch was beyond tasty and we would totally go back in a heart beat. The casual vibe, quick service, and great food was just what we were looking for.


There you have it for Tasty Tuesday with Lucky Three.

Eat on,